Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter bunnies LAY eggs....out hatch.....

Puppies!!! (Never understood the whole "bunnies laying eggs" thing to start with, but now, eggs hatch puppies?!?!?) Little things are sooo cute! Of course, I tried not to puke when we got done at the vet's and I saw the bill. I guess it was still less than actually having a baby -- and plus, no labor pains. Okay, I'm not really laughing at that joke.

Haven't had a whole lot of time for tatting lately, and probably won't again for a while yet. Crazy family going-ons and all. But one night, at 2am in the Emergency room waiting area, I did get a chance to try a bookmark pattern I had seen. (No worries -- child just had a super high fever -- all better now.) The Royal Trio Bookmark by Ellen Lai was one I had trouble with when I had tried it before. I got it now. Love it. Then, I took out one of the split rings, continued it for a few more times, added a clasp and got this. Made a simple bracelet out of it.
You have to scroll down a ways. It is after the tree bookmarks. It really is pretty in the thread she chose. Take a look.