Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Personal Observation

It occurred to me the other day that I have not been ranting and raving on here. I started this blog to just have an outlet for venting, in hopes of not letting loose so often on my kids and husband. So I started thinking on what had changed. Either I AM letting loose on my family or things are calmer in my spirit. Looking around, the family seems okay, even though I still go off on them sometimes. I don't think it is nearly as often and more often for righteous reasons (not using their brains.) <-Did that sentence make sense? Maybe I'm not as okay as I was thinking? LOL.

Between getting to leave the house to play poker once a week and learning to tat, things have gotten better, I think. I found a wonderful group of ladies, self-named the Tri-Tatters. We meet once a month for a few hours to chat, tat, and eat chocolate. We have a few laughs, share what we are working on, and get help for tatting questions among other things. In the evenings, I sit down to watch one of my favorite crime shows or movie with my husband and tat away. I think being able to COMPLETE something, even a small motif or earring, has helped with a sense of accomplishment.

So for those of you (ha ha ha, so many, ha ha ha) looking for my ingenious ravings, I shall try to come up with a good one soon. In the mean time you will have to settle for my frustrations of trying to get my scanner to work! I was tatting without thinking the other night and didn't make what I thought would be the end result. But it gave me an idea, and I made a cute little motif and want to scan it and show it to you. But that will have to wait a little longer. Grr! (-;