Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New beads--no-go. Attempt at mask laughable!

I tatted one of the motives for the veil while at my sister's. I used the new little pearl beads I had found. I tried them in different spots, but none looked as good as I would have liked. The beads are so small that they just blended in with the white thread. So that option is out. But I think they would look great on the child's necklace with the heart that I did in pink a while back. When I get bored, I think I will try that.

While at my sister's in Florida (wow, I miss Florida!) I got to attend my cousin's Costume Party. She throws one every few years and it just happened to be while I was down there. So Saturday, while waiting for the evening to come, I got to thinking about the tatted masks I've seen and loved. Never had a reason to wear one or make one. But my cousin LOVES the season, so I think she would get a kick out of one and wear it till it fell apart. Only having the small white thread (DMC 60) for the veil, I tried a quick mask. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Thump! <--that's me laughing my head off. Embarrassment aside, here's what it looked. Mind you, I just tatted without a pattern in mind. As I am terrible at hiding ends, I tried to tat non-stop, without tying off and starting in a new place. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Thump! Awe, and I just got my head back on straight!
Are ya laughin' yet? (-:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

another preview

Here's another preview of the veil I'm tatting. But at the bead store yesterday I came upon some very small pearlized beads. Hmmm..... Maybe instead of adding big pearls along the edge like the original designer, I am thinking of putting them throughout the motives. Hmmm..... Getting on a plane tonight to visit and help my sister out for a week. I think I will try tatting up a motive or two with the seed beads and see how it goes. Be back in a week for an update and maybe a pic or two.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

RED ! ! ! Love it....

Did the necklace with some shiny red seed beads. Gonna wear this one today and all thru Christmas holidays! And retook some pics of the purple one, but the beads showed up more blue than the color they are in real life.

Here's a close-up. Gosh, wish I could show you how the beads really shine and sparkle. But I know you all have wonderful imaginations so I will leave it to you to imagine.

Hey, I actually sat down and figured how many knots are in this: 9150 something.