Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ow, Ooo, Ow

So I thought I would do a little cleaning....The shower curtains in the bathrooms needed scrubbing. I hadn't done it in a while and the mold, well, Yech!!!! I couldn't find my rubber gloves -- probably had been taken and used by the guys in the house for some project or other. I didn't think it would take me long so I went to scrubbing the curtains in the tub barehanded. I guess I used a bit too much bleach...... My finger tips are all sore and hurt to the touch (I am typing this with my nails only.) and the backs of the first knuckles look skinned! I am more disappointed less at the pain (and stupidity) than with the fact that I can't tat. So many patterns, so little time. I am in the Design Tat group and I can't redo the homework from the third lesson (wanted to change my pattern) and can't hold the pencil for lesson four.

And, by the way, how in the world do you get the bleach smell out of your skin? I think it is permanently etched in my nose membranes!

On the brighter side, the shower curtains look brand new! AND they don't smell of bleach (or so my hubby says - I still can't smell anything but the bleach!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whew! I'm back....

For my wild and crazy fans out there (or the ones in my head) I finally got back to tatting. Lots of activity around here with one child moving to another state (temp.) and something called Spring "Cleaning" where we try to make as big a mess of the house as possible. Anyhoo....

Here's a small lap quilt I made from scraps. I was thinking of selling it, but have no idea of price and can't bear to part with it. Although, all it is doing is sitting, folded-up, on a shelf in my wardrobe. One of my first attempts at quilting, horrible edging, not square, the points of the triangles don't exactly meet....but I don't care. It's my own doing, and I can't help but like it. (-: It is just draped over the edge of our bed in the photo. It is warm, perfect for legs when watching tv. But I also thought of using it for wall decor, but it might be too big....

Okay, those of you that tat alot and doing blocking and stiffening have so many wonderful ways of doing it. I don't have room to set up an ironing board or table that won't get cleared. So I have started using my sewing box top. It is just slightly cushioned and works great for lining up edges along the pattern in the material. See that little white ball on the left? I had so much fun making that little pattern. My husband, who really doesn't care about all this "girly lace stuff" even commented on it and wants it for the Christmas tree this year. Cool!

I was in a drawing/contest for a box of things from Ruth Perry. I got it just before I left out of state last week. I finally opened it and talk about Christmas!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. So many different shades of green (my favorite color) greeted me! It took me a day to remember that she had asked what color I liked. She even put in a couple of fabrics that make me want to pick up my (very beginner's) quilting again. I am already turning over designs ideas in my head. Oh, how I wish I had a craft room. Anyway, she included some great threads and shuttles, and some very neat cases for organizing my stash stuff. One of the threads I used on Lesson 3 from the Design-Tat group. We were given the center motif and told to add a row and create negative space. I wish I had made the chains longer. I wanted more negative space. I will do it again and make the chains longer, right before I add another row. This is fun.

The larger shuttle is a celtic bone shuttle, that I liked so much I got another one. The smaller one is one that Ruth sent me. Yes, there is thread in it. I have already used it to make a bookmark for one of my sons. I love it. It is so small and so much fun to use. I was worried about it holding enough thread to make any thing. I was using size 80 and it still has some left over. Yea! What can I use it on next?

I showed a picture in an earlier post of a necklace for a little girl I made. I had a cool painted bead I couldn't decide how to use....until now. I tatted around it and then attached it to another necklace/choker for an adult. The ribbon simply ties in the back for an adjustable, one-size-fits-all fit. Don't know why it is showing up sideways. It is right side up on my computer, but is sideways when it is uploaded. But you get the idea.
Until next time, hopefully not so long in coming, this time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tatting has gone to the Races

I was doing a Google search to get an idea for a tatted bird and came across this page.
http://www.pedigreequery.com/tatting+bird Appearantly, there is a horse named Tattingbird. He is the son of Threadlace, the daughter of Interlace, son of Straitlace.

How can anyone say tatting is a dying art? People are betting on it winning!