Friday, February 27, 2009

Sugar Sweet

This heart is Betsy Evans's design and tatted by me. The "chain" is just a bunch of split rings. (I LOVE doing split rings! Now if only I could figure out cplit chains...) The back is tied with a small white ribbon. I made this a child size, and by tying the ribbon in the back tighter or looser, it can fit any size child. The ribbon can be trimmed shorter for a smaller neck.

The photo was taken in my bathroom, so the light is a little dim and off color.
- - - - > On another note, I was approached by a shop owner yesterday. She told me of a jewelry store she is opening in late March. She is going to have a section for local artists and wanted me to put some of mine in her store. Ah.........I wasn't quite sure what to say. She asked for a business card, etc. I told her I was strictly small potatoes, really not much, even in inventory. She said that was okay, gave me her card and told me to call her. Wow! That was pretty cool.


Valerie said...

very pretty necklace. and it's a good start to perhaps something great. give it a go, i'd say.

all the best!

ContainsCaffeine said...

So pretty. I love the ribbon detail at the back.

TattingChic said...

Very pretty heart motif! Split rings are fun to do, aren't they? I have only done 2 split chains and I am in no rush to do another one, LOL!