Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ow, Ooo, Ow

So I thought I would do a little cleaning....The shower curtains in the bathrooms needed scrubbing. I hadn't done it in a while and the mold, well, Yech!!!! I couldn't find my rubber gloves -- probably had been taken and used by the guys in the house for some project or other. I didn't think it would take me long so I went to scrubbing the curtains in the tub barehanded. I guess I used a bit too much bleach...... My finger tips are all sore and hurt to the touch (I am typing this with my nails only.) and the backs of the first knuckles look skinned! I am more disappointed less at the pain (and stupidity) than with the fact that I can't tat. So many patterns, so little time. I am in the Design Tat group and I can't redo the homework from the third lesson (wanted to change my pattern) and can't hold the pencil for lesson four.

And, by the way, how in the world do you get the bleach smell out of your skin? I think it is permanently etched in my nose membranes!

On the brighter side, the shower curtains look brand new! AND they don't smell of bleach (or so my hubby says - I still can't smell anything but the bleach!)

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Vinnie said...

Hope your hands feel better now.
You asked for the swan brooch pattern, I couldn't find your e-mail so couldn't send it to you earlier.
That's the link on the web where you can get it from.I'll add the link on the swan post on my page too.