Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New beads--no-go. Attempt at mask laughable!

I tatted one of the motives for the veil while at my sister's. I used the new little pearl beads I had found. I tried them in different spots, but none looked as good as I would have liked. The beads are so small that they just blended in with the white thread. So that option is out. But I think they would look great on the child's necklace with the heart that I did in pink a while back. When I get bored, I think I will try that.

While at my sister's in Florida (wow, I miss Florida!) I got to attend my cousin's Costume Party. She throws one every few years and it just happened to be while I was down there. So Saturday, while waiting for the evening to come, I got to thinking about the tatted masks I've seen and loved. Never had a reason to wear one or make one. But my cousin LOVES the season, so I think she would get a kick out of one and wear it till it fell apart. Only having the small white thread (DMC 60) for the veil, I tried a quick mask. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Thump! <--that's me laughing my head off. Embarrassment aside, here's what it looked. Mind you, I just tatted without a pattern in mind. As I am terrible at hiding ends, I tried to tat non-stop, without tying off and starting in a new place. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Thump! Awe, and I just got my head back on straight!
Are ya laughin' yet? (-:


Valerie said...

looks pretty good for a first-timer. way to go.

❦TattingChic said...

It doesn't look that bad! It's kinda cute, really! Now, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you are wayyyyyy too hard on yourself!

ancolie said...

good idea !
it looks very original ...I'll comme back to see what your have done after that ?!
Happy tatting
Best wishes
ancolie from France