Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sad, Sad News

The following was posted on a tatting chat group:

I find myself in the sad position to tell the tatting world that Mary
> Konior passed this morning, Saturday 16th January, 2010.
> She has been ill for a long time with alzheimer's. Not being able to do
> for herself she's been in a nursing home since last May and her
> condition has slowly deteriorated. She has gone to be with her beloved
> husband that passed a few years previously. It is a blessing, she now
> free from all this and tatting with the angels... Bless her for the
> legacy she has given us and all she did for our art form. She will not
> be forgotten this I know.
> As you can imagine arrangements are in the process of being made as one
> of her daughters has to come over from South Africa and as soon as I
> know the details I will let you know.. Tess tells me anyone that would
> like to attend, will be made welcome at the funeral and to the wake
> afterwards. I will be thereto say my last goodbyes, I've been missing
> her for some time... And to pay respects on behalf of the tatting world.
> Condolences can be sent to Tess (the UK daughter) and I will post her
> snail and email address later... I don't think they realise just how
> well we all think of their Mom... I know Mary never truly believed me.
> I have been blessed to be able to call her my friend and that I have
> tatted by her side and even showed her the split ring - she wasn't
> impressed! Bless her
> My last time in the States I took with me her beautiful lace she had
> organised her daughters to give me. I consider myself a custodian and
> am happy to share...
> I'll be back with more later... Even though I have been expecting this
> news for some time - I need to get my head round it
> Love, light & peace
> Sue Hanson
> List Owner Here-Be-Tatters

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