Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bizzaro World Real?

I was thinking that it must be all teenagers that live in their own world. Some have very short vacations there, others stay a little longer, while still others move there. I am the proud parent of ones that have not only moved there, but changed their addresses, transfered bank accounts, and have bought a home. I don't think they are coming back...

Just when I think it is just the teenagers, I have one of those days. You know the ones. You remember the movie Matrix? How just a small handful of people were "unplugged" and lived in the real world? Today I have come to the conclusion that that is exactly the case. My children live in a world where even as they are speaking out loud, in their world they are saying and doing something entirely different! Well, today it is not just the kids, but the relatives, store workers and just about every other carbon-based life form that we ran into out there. I am finally convinced that Matrix is based on truth. And I want back in!!!!

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Sandra Castles said...

Well, I want someone to throw me in jail. Then I can catch up on my sleep and my TV programs, get in shape, get my MBA or JD (haven't decided which yet) and have 3 meals a day made for me.