Monday, September 29, 2008

The Legend of "him"

You know him. He is at every family function. Every family reunion. Every function and outing with relatives. Well, mostly all get togethers. But you never actually see him. You hear in passing that he is there, been there, coming, leaving, in the other room, around the corner, in that group. But you never talk to him. You might even have seen pictures of him. With the family, at an event, during an activity. But you have never been his partner in a game. You hear about his job. Have even been there to that store, business, office. But never done business with him. You know his parents/siblings/children/in-laws. But have no idea what he is wearing. You know he is in the computer room or the garage or the attic or basement. But you haven't hung out with him. You thought you saw him go through the dining room/kitchen and grab some food on the way out. You've seen the cup with his name on it. But you haven't shared a meal with him. So he is quiet, reserved, geeky, nerdish, brainiac, hermit-like. He is into things that don't interest you. You have nothing in common.

Or do you? How do you know? Who's fault is that? Yours? His? Are you sure?

Or is he really real? And so goes the Legend of "him" (names have been changed to protect the guilty...)

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