Saturday, September 25, 2010

And the saga continues . . .

So guess who DID NOT show up last Friday . . . yep, you guessed! Thecarpet cleaners. So we moved the mattress back into the room for the weekend. Had to dig thru the dining room to get dressed everyday. Fun! No call from the cleaners on Friday, orSat. and Sun., or even on Monday! Finally late Monday afternoon I called them!!! Ooo, they are solucky it was me on the phone! Don't you wish you could say to people all the stuff you want to?! So they finally came out on Tuesday afternoon. Just a hint: the carpets DON'T dry in the 2 hours they say it will. We slept in the kitchen. Next to the couch. See?

But on the bright side, (I hear you asking "There is one?")
my husband got to prime the walls in the bedroom. And then paint them.
Isn't he awesome! So we are finally gettin
g the house back in order Whew! I might be able to find things again. I have a couple of projects that I have been dying to get back to, but haven't been able to get them out of the stack of stuff.

I did manage to get that mask straightened
out and take a photo of it. My oldest daughter loves it even though this one is a bit big on her. This one is going to a cousin. Hope she likes it as I don't want to do it again. I am making the barefoot sandals by TotusMel for her too.

That's all for today. Off to grocery shop (ugh!) so I will need the tatting tonight. (-:

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