Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eye Patch

Our church is starting a new series on where/what our "treasure" is in our lives. We have a huge group of volunteers in 4 teams. Today was my team's turn. The "guides and greeters" (we stand at the front door and greet or show new folks around) had to dress to the theme of "pirates." I guess that went along with the treasure theme? Anyway, I tatted up an eye patch yesterday (my anniversary - nice timing, eh?) while watching a Dukes of Hazzard marathon. YeeeeeeeHaaaaw! Of course, inspiration for this comes from TotusMel, again.
I had my daughter put it on for a picture since she is sooooo much cuter than me. She hates having her picture taken, as you can see by her expression. And she wants to go into modeling?!!! I guess she has that "mad" look down pat that you see the models wearing. Oh, and she has the "attitude" look, too. (-:

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