Friday, September 10, 2010


A while back I posted a small picture of the veil I was tatting for my daughters. Over the summer months I made no progress on it at all. Even now, it is slow going, as I only work on it in little bits and pieces and only for short periods of time. Mostly during the evening, after everyone is in bed, and I need to wind down or can't sleep. Which happens so often you'd think I'd be finished with it by now. Still can't get my scanner to talk to my computer - Aaaa! Here's a photo of it on a red blanket. Sets it off pretty good, I think. If you don't mind the clutter on my desk around it.

I have mostly been working on a tatted mask for my cousin who adores anything Halloween. I tried tatting TotusMel's mask on Instructables, but failed miserably, not once, but
more times than I care to tell. Even though she was so very kind and answered my email questions. So, taking inspiration from her, I made a much less ornate one. I still really like hers oh, so much better. I have to block it/iron it and add the side ribbons, whick I am off to get right after this post. But here's what I started with around the eye wires. I was going to write down the pattern and take pictures along the way so I would remember what I did. But I have decide to never repeat this again. Ugh. I think I am better at sticking with the flat designs.

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