Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's something I don't understand: Something big and stressful happens and I can handle it with calm, clear thinking, and a lot of times with laughter. But then there are the little things. I'm talking about what I think of as being very little things. Things I would tell another person to think about how much worse things could be.......and those things just makeme want to scream! Why?!!!!!!! It's the little things that bug the daylights out of me! I could handle the house falling down around me, but put a pot in the wrong cabinet and look out! Leave the butter and pickles out after lunch and you might not eat again. Put the big dish on top of the little one instead of nesting them and you just might witness Bill Cosby's version of a "conniption." And why, oh WHY, can't a wet item(clothing, rag, towel) be spread out to dry instead of being left in a heap or wad to mildew beyond rescue!!!???

I need to relax! Let's see . . . Hmmm. Haven't won the lottery yet (They tell me I must first buy a ticket! Unbelievable! If it's not one thing, it's another.) so I don't have the money to get that 12 hour massage, let alone run away to a deserted South Pacific island. Grandparents are STILL out of town for another few weeks (They've been gone for 2 months now.) so no chance of a kid free weekend or night of peace and quiet. Hmmm. . . I need to tat!

Oh, wait, can't do that. Hubby has carpet cleaners coming in two days and I have to figure o
ut where to put everything!!! Hmmm . . . got a couple of ideas about that, too. Hee Hee

Okay, I'm going in. Got a book on my mp3, extra battery in my pocket, cold coke in the frig
(might snag an oreo on the way there, okay, two) and two boxes of stretch garbage bags. I'm set. If you don't hear back from me by the weekend, well, I might have left the country for Fiji.

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